The Curious Case of a Bitter Poster

Last post I was complaining I had barely done writing of any kind in the last few months, which is very true. Most of the very few lines I wrote were—and I’ll use this whole post to admit—pathetic negative whines against nothing more than a miserable movie.

I would stumble upon online reviews or notes about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (or yes, often pathologically search for them) and I couldn’t—wouldn’t—stay shut. I would type with contempt about any praise; or I would praise the statements of those who accurately pointed at its terrible faults. And it isn’t even a movie I completely loathed having watched! There are parts of it I actually enjoyed.

Even just now, instead of posting something here or attempting to write anything of quality, I replied to a post in some blog that spoke positively of the movie. And after the tedious rush of typing and posting my scornful comment (I don’t even enjoy these moments of craze), I feel dirty.

I am conscious of how pathetic it is to spend quality time thinking—and wore: taking action—against a poor film and its soulless character. But I still do it/did it; though I hope accepting this publicly will keep me from doing it again.

Yet, the world is not only Internet (I kid not). I know that if I tragically encounter someone who happens to naively say something good about this movie, my world will have to stop its spinning and devote itself—just for a moment, considering the victim might find a way out of the situation—to detailing in a rush (already conscious that they might not be interested in hearing ) why The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is not much more than a nicely executed charade with a pitiful dialogue, terrible characters, and devoid of any statement (or rather, what is worse, having a grossly unaccomplished one).

And there! I did it again!

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First post

I start a new blog today to truly ramble. I had started one before with the word “ramblings“ in its title, but I was too shy to be able to casually write down conceitedly trivial personal stuff in it. I instead posted pieces on which I would invest a little more time than what I would on typing whatever triviality was in my mind; or else, I posted some fiction—in some cases but a short random paragraph with little literary wealth, if any.

After a few of these posts, I refused to use the blog for less than either of such endeavors. To date, I might not have had the creativity to be a frequent poster even for the low standards that had been set and have made an incredibly small amount of posts. Considering this–and also that I refused to post careless random thoughts on the blog which was supposed to be the boost to my writing–my actual writing time has become almost inexistent.

And so, to get myself to write more, I start this blog for random stuff; while the other remains for more fun—often a tad more interesting and relatively better thought out—writing.

Internet is, after all, a lot of space somewhere in the universe where you can cram stuff in—anonymously even, which in itself adds to the fun in it. Plus, I want to do more writing of any sort and such start-over makes it easier; and who knows maybe for so much writing–if it does happen–I might end up writing something I like and be happy about it! Being happy is also fun.

So enough apologizing, if you are reading, thank you and God bless you; if you are not, the same. Only you will never know I thanked and blessed you.

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